The File Arts presents:
Double your money
by Daniel Silvo

The Spanish title for this work ‘Como Doblar Tu Dinero’ can be translated as ‘How to fold your money’. But ‘to fold’ also means ‘going bankrupt’ in financial terms. A better translation would be ‘How to double your money’, for these works aim to add some extra beauty and personal craftiness to money, making it worth more, even if only more personal and emotive.

Daniel Silvo likes using common every day objects to create art. Or in this case lets you create art. The value of the art you make is immediate and guaranteed; you can still use it as money. And you should; folding your money is a way to add a layer of attention and connection; pay with it and change the nature of the transaction.

This work is not so much a digital artwork as it is a digital set of instructions on how to create the art yourself. In a way this is a very primitive form of 3D printing; you transfer the instructions to another place, grab some basic material and apply the instructions / the code and voila; art; it even looks a bit like a 3D shaded shape.

I like the fact the models are all birds; signifying the fleetingness of the value of money, and the aspiration of art to make your mind fly.

The download contains 4 instructions for 4 Euro bills (also applicable to Dollar bills). This edition is on offer for $10,- for the first week. After thursday 14th March it will be $20,- So Buy now